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If you are thinking about selling your home but do not want to list it on the MLS, then Texas House Buyers Direct can HELP! We are the Premier Texas Home Buyers and buy houses fast in any situation. We make it incredibly easy for homeowners in Texas to sell their home.  Unlike the traditional house selling process which can take over a month to close, Texas House Buyers Direct is a Cash Buyer.  We Pay Cash when We Buy Houses and cover all the closing costs for the seller. 

Since 2004, we have been creating win-win situations and buying properties throughout Texas.  Our ability to fund our own deals enables us to deliver a fast services for you when we buy houses.  We do not depend or rely on institutional lenders to delay the process for inspection or lengthy appraisal periods. 

We Buy Houses in Harris County, Montgomery County, Brazoria County, and throughout this great state.

Texas House Direct has developed excellent working relations with multiple title companies and independent law firms throughout the state. Our strong ties with these title companies help us cater to every house sellers needs and navigate red-tape quick.  We understand circumstances change so we are always flexible when it comes to closings.

Sell your Home to Texas House Buyers

  • Divorce Situations
  • Inheritance
  • Tax Liens
  • Bad Mortgage Problems

What ever your situation may be for selling your home, we can create a unique win-win situation and get you out of your house fast.  We understand that every situation is different and we can work around a schedule that works for you.  Although we can speed through the house buying process, we never work at a pace that is not comforting to the homeowner.  We have worked with families and delayed closing till their kids were off for summer break.  That is why we are the premier Texas Home Buyers. We cover all the questions and make it easy for you to sell your home.

How Do I Sell my House?

We Buy HousesWe Buy Houses Fast and have simplified the process for homeowners.  The first step is to complete the form or call directly.  After you contact us we will ask a few questions and schedule a time to meet with you at the subject property.  Texas House Buyers will conduct a quick inspection of the property and make a determination on a price.  If your property meets our buying criteria we will present a cash offer not contingent on financing.  If we come to an agreement we will walk through the process with you and that is pretty much it.  After we sign documents, we will coordinate with the title company and schedule a closing date that work for you.

Selling your home to Texas House Buyers Direct alleviates many of the home selling burdens that come along with listing on the MLS to sell your home.  Our team of home buyers have a wealth of experience buying properties in as-is conditions.

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sell your home to cash buyersIf you have any questions please contact us Today.  We are the Premier Texas House Buyers and buy Direct!  (281) 829-4445